March 20, 2013

Think Before Android Rooting

Android rooting is a process allowing the Android users of smartphones, tablets, and other devices to run the Android mobile operating system to obtain the control […]
March 15, 2013

Google Nexus 4 live wallpapers

Android is mainly known for its applications because they are functional and are extremely useful for any particular task. However, the wallpapers have stolen the show […]
March 13, 2013

Android App Alert

Google had recently announced whooping number of around 3 billion applications for Android that has been downloaded from the android market. This simply reflects that there […]
March 13, 2013

The Safest Apps Are of iOS Or Android ?

As per the general realization of the users, the applications of Apple iOs are more secure than the Application of Android but the reality is something […]
March 13, 2013

Demoed Google glass app at SXSW

During the SXSW event, a few apps were demoed by Goggle that was specifically built for the Google Glass devices including Gmail, Evernote, Path and The […]
March 6, 2013

Android Wallpapers to make page attractive

The Android Operating System is designed for the users to have multiple ways to configure the background, or wallpaper of their mobiles. There are a dreadful […]
March 4, 2013
Android Applications

Android Applications that can keep you updated

Android OS is an extensive application collection for cellular phone devices that includes an operating system, middleware as well as key application. This rich source of […]