Android N will not get its Biggest feature at Launch : Report

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May 12, 2016

As you all Android is ready to launch its upcoming version Android N. 3D touch feature has to be its main feature set but it will be delayed to some extent. The Android fans have to wait for this feature for some more longer.

Google’s next version of Android (or Android N) was rumored to natively support 3D Touch-like pressure sensitive displays. According to a report, “…the feature will not be part of the initial Android N release and will have to wait for a later release of the operating system, most likely as part of a maintenance update to the software.”


This 3D feature for Android N offers the ability to differentiate between types of touches and taps and perform different functions. It even lets users directly jump to certain sections of the app directly from the homescreen. Users can update status, upload existing photos and videos and take photos and videos for sharing on Facebook without opening the app by force tapping the Facebook icon on the homescreen.

China’s Huawei Technologies was the first manufacturer to launch a smartphone including a Force Touch display, which could distinguish between a light tap and deep press, enabling access to more functions just by pressing harder. The Huawei Mate S featuring Force Touch was launched last year.

By Looking at the Android N there are several other devices that will feature a 3D touch technology now. For Android N you have to wait for some more time.

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