Whatsapp has Extended Group Chat Limit upto 256 Members

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The popular instant messaging application Whatsapp has undergone a very minor update that is Whatsapp has extended the group chat limit upto 256 members means a number of people in one combined group can be increased upto 256 before this it was limited to 100 only.

This update is available for Ios and Android both users. Whatsapp is making several reasons for which people will stick to this platform. This update was not a big deal but many people might be happy who are having online businesses on large scale.

Users and admins are selling everything from outfits to accessories and even using the same for advertising down to carpooling groups and more. WhatsApp groups have grown in number and an additional 156 group members seems to make the deal even sweeter for such group admins.

The users will add the members from the same procedure as they were doing before but only the advantage is that they can add more members than before. he update has arrives just few days after the messaging company announced that it has more 1 billion monthly active users and it also dropped its $1 annual subscription fee in an attempt to bring more businesses on the platform.

While the new update won’t bring any monumental changes to user experience, it could well be a good
selling point in the business domain. The ability to reach up to 256 colleagues at a time would serve as a great option.

It has been reported that WhatsApp could soon introduce a feature to allow its users to integrate their Facebook account with the instant messaging and voice calling app. The version 2.12.413 of WhatsApp for Android reveals company’s intention to allow users to link the messaging service with their respective Facebook account.


Since conversations in larger groups tend to get cluttered, meaningless and hard to keep a track off, organisations use Slack to segregate conversations by tags. We’re pretty sure that keeping a tab on the conversations with just 100 group members is a task (or a headache depending on whether you have been forced into or not) so the complexity of chatting up with 256 or even a thousand will not make much sense.
Still then this is something that WhatsApp could really tap into, like a feature to tag users in its conversations wherein tagging actually prompts a particular user with a notification. This could simply be adding an ‘@’ sign in the message followed by the user’s name something that Facebook already follows.
So much speculation surely hints that Facebook is indeed up to something with WhatsApp. But for now it is all about when these ideas go into play as WhatsApp’s user base keeps growing, but Facebook has yet to take it first step to make some money of its acquisition.

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