Twitter Testing News Tab Feature for Android and Ios Users

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Twitter, the social networking site is now experimenting the new feature for Android and Ios Users a ‘News’ tab for showing Trending News. This move of Twitter can be a way out to keep people engage in the social network.

However, this is an experimental feature and not all users will access to it. Those few who do, can find the new News tab in the middle of their Twitter app’s bottom row of icons. Tapping the icon will bring up a lost of stories along with am image and associated tweets.

There is no time-frame provided as to when this feature will be available. However, if you wish to get an early look, you can down the beta program from here. The report pointed out that there are no ads that currently accompany the experiment but this new feature could have ‘significant revenue implications for the company if its implemented as a core platform feature.’


At the moment, the experiment only resides in Japan and is starting out with a list of pre-approved publishers. In addition, Twitter has also added four new Indian languages namely, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi and Tamil, to web as well as its Android app.

With the new update, Twitter will now support six Indian languages including Hindi and Bengali. In order to change the language, users will have to select the language of their choice from ‘Settings’ in the drop down menu on the profile. Android users will simply have to change the language settings on their mobile devices to any of these four languages.

A Twitter spokesperson stated, “We’re experimenting with a news experience on iOS and Android as we continue to explore new ways to surface the best content to users”.

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