10 Best Android Apps and Games of 2015

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July 26, 2015
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Here at Techclones we have created a list of the 10 best Android apps and games to help you navigate the Play Store’s. Lets Join us as we explore the various game genres and find all the best titles to install on your Android phone or tablet in 2015. This year has almost passed but lot more has happened in the field of apps and games on Android . So here we have collected some best applications from January 2015 till now that are released.


  • Adobe Lightroom Mobile


Adobe Lightroom Mobile app is the first app that is the mobile version of the Lightroom app that helps user to manage, organize and edit your images. It faces issues like space and no compatibility with new phones. Still it has passed that and is wonderful app.

Adobe Lightroom

Download Adode Lightroom Mobile from the Play Store here


  • Asana

Asana is a task management platform aimed at teams of people who need to get work done. Technically, this app has existed for a while but it essentially a wrapper for the mobile site and it was pitifully awful. It’s now a native Android app with Material Design and it’s way better.

Asana app

Download Asana from the Play Store here


  • Camu

Camu is a popular photo editing app that was very popular on iOS and has finally made its way to Android. It features are to shoot videos and photos with live effects applied, various effects, collages, text, superb focus and auto-enhance mode. It’s free with in app purchases but, believe it or not, the in app purchases aren’t that bad.


camu camera for perfect pics


Download Camu from the Play Store here


  • Crossy Road

It’s kind of like Frogger in that you’re a chicken who must cross many, many roads. The graphics aren’t great but the gameplay is surprisingly fun. There is no story or anything ridiculous but it’s a solid and difficult time waster that costs nothing to download.

Crossy Road Screenshot

Download Crossy Road from the Play Store here


  • Dragon Quest V

the game is played entirely in portrait mode which is unique. It also features full camera control, monster catching, AI battles for easier level grinding, and more. It’s a tad expensive at $14.99 but at least there are no in app purchases.


Download Dragon Quest V from the Play Store here

  • Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite was developed for those who use budget phones. It’s optimized for 2G internet and its less-is-more design is great for weaker processors. Unfortunately, you can only officially get it from the Play Store if you have a terrible phone.


Download Facebook Lite from the Play Store here

  • Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a classroom environment that allows teachers and parents to help students learn by creating a virtual classroom environment

Google Classroom

Download Google Classroom from the Play Store here

  • Lego Bionicle

Lego Bionicle is a hack and slash style game where you must pick your Lego hero and kill a bunch of bad guys. The graphics and controls are actually pretty good even if the story line is a tad shallow.


Download here Lego Bionicle from the Play Store here

  • LibreOffice Viewer


LibreOffice Viewer is a document viewing app released in beta this last month. It is in beta so if you find bugs, it would be better to report them than to give the app a bad review because it is a beta.


  • Manual Camera


Last on our list this month is Manual Camera. This app takes full advantage of the Camera2 API in Lollipop so, as you can probably guess, this app is only for people who use Lollipop. It lets you adjust things like shutter speed, focus distance, ISO, white balance, and exposure compensation.

Hope you  have enjoyed this post featuring 10 Best Android Apps and Games of 2015. What do you think is the best Android apps and games out of these 10 on the list?


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