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July 22, 2015
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July 25, 2015

One plus team participated on Reddit in AMA session. As explained in their post  “As always, we are beyond excited to be here talking directly with you guys. And of course, this is a particular exciting time here at OnePlus. We are firing on all cylinders at our HQ preparing to launch our second flagship device. It’s really difficult to contain ourselves! We wish we could tell you everything about the OnePlus 2 right now, but we have to save some excitement for our launch on July 27th.”

oneplus one

The company said that One plus one sales go so well that One plus 2 will also rolled out for a sale. As One plus has been stick to this invite system so there are certain improvements in the system that will be released later on.

According to One plus team members, the One plus 2 is smaller in size as compared to its predecessor but larger in battery as compared to One plus one 3,300 maH battery size giving it around 10% more juice than last.


The One plus 2 will also get multiple StyleSwap back covers to customize its look. Also in addition, There will be different versions for North America, Europe/Asia and China versions with much better band support in comparison to the last time.


OnePlus also revealed that there won’t be a heartrate sensor and fingerprint scanner will be a physical one, and the team ignored certain questions and responded to others that details would be left until launch. Otherwise all the details were kept secret.

July 27th is the unveiled date for One plus 2.

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