Apple Watch: Is it a gadget or Classy statement?

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March 17, 2015
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March 19, 2015

Apple’s recently anticipated smart watch is out now. This time Apple thought of doing something different like making a gadget that looks like a fashion icon also. So the company has set out a stylish wrist worn computers according to the modern style accessories. Industry trackers say Apple Watch will star at media event that is going to be held at San Francisco where the California Technology giant introduced Ipad.

 Apple Watch Is it a gadget or fashion statement

Chief Executive of Apple, Tim Cook has revealed about the sophisticated wristwatch is that he cannot live without it. The company has announced the plans about this gadget last year and now said that it would start its shipping in April. It is the Apple’s new product type after five years since the launch of iPad in 2010. Now Apple is stepping towards the new territory by leaving a question marks for all the retailers when or how it will be sell The company is not talking much about the marketing plans of the watch but yes they are paying more attention towards the initial sales and distribution of this gadget.


The entry price indicated by Apple is $349 in United States and available in two different sizes having different collections that includes the Apple Watch Edition featuring the sapphire crystal with finely crafted closures and bands with 18Kt. Gold cases in rose or yellow.


Features of Apple Watch

  • The Apple watch can connect to the Iphone having a wide range of applications and sensors mainly for health and fitness.
  • The watch is expected to include a software for maps to guide people to destinations by showing directions with gentle taps on wrist.
  • It will feature a better battery life with 5 hours of heavy usage.
  • Health Rate glance is the feature that tells a person about the heart beat per minute any time you want.

May be this feature help out for already raised brand to increased its value more than the rivals in the field of technology. Some sources are saying that Apple watch acts as a catalyst for the market of wrist worn devices that are gradually becoming complement to smartphones.


Now the main question arise in the mind of all people and also the people of the company that how it would be possible such a big thing without Steve who was legendary leader, died in 2011. He has power in his hands to prove a small thing such in a big way and people also believe that easily. Everyone is looking forward towards launch but also somewhere deep inside feeling scary that whether it will prove according to or beyond their expectations.

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