First Impressions: Whatsapp voice calling feature

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Whatsapp has rolled out new voice calling feature for most of the Android users in the market having latest version of application in the market. The feature was activated from over last weekend. You should have at least version 2.11.528 from the Play Store or version 2.11.531 from the WhatsApp official website.

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Whatsapp voice calling feature

According to Android, this voice calling feature is updated only for the users who are already having same feature in their phones.On Saturday, one of my friends got a whatsapp call after cutting the call, instead of seeing only the most recent chats there were three options-calls, chats and contacts. The call tab was further showing the information regarding incoming calls, outgoing calls and missed calls. Once it seems like invite system has been deactivated from whatsapp for the moment.

The news has came that Whatsapp calling feature works on Wifi, 3G and 2G but despite the advantages there are disadvantages too, as it also contains flaws also. The biggest lag is echo that makes the conversation more confusing and frustrating conversations. The person on one side of phone will say something but the person on other side understand it but take time.

In buildings and apartments, there is always an echo of what I say. The echo is played after some delay. But this echo is not present when someone is in open area. There is also a beeping sound sometimes when call is ongoing and when the phone is reviewed it shows a reconnecting signal on the part where call duration comes. You will definitely experience call drops when the other person has low network connectivity.

These are the issues experienced in Whatsapp voice calling feature if you also have faced that I missed out please comment below.


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