Whatsapp rolling out voice calling features for more users

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March 2, 2015
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The voice calling feature of Whatsapp is used to make video calls with specific users. Whatsapp the popular instant messaging application after testing is now rolling out its voice calling feature with large number of people on Friday. A number of Android users will now able to get this whatsapp free calling feature by receiving the calls from the people who are having this service already, as announced by NDTV report. This feature allows the limited number of users to send invites to their friends if and only if they are having this voice calling feature also, but this time it is limited to users of Android and Blackberry and accessible in the latest WhatsApp app (v2.11.508) for Android from the company site on a Google Nexus 5 running Android 5.0.1 Lollipop in India.

Whatsapp rolling out voice calling features for more users




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Once this service is available to the users, they will be able to see a phone receiver icon near to the contact’s name in the chat window. There are a few minor changes to the overall user interface as well as are the part of new feature. Now there is a separate pane for keeping the track of voice calls. The application will also give notification to user when they miss a call. Users can also check their messages and other phone activities when present on the call. You can download whatsapp for your phone directly.

There are many messaging applications that offer free peer-to-peer voice calls, including Skype, Viber and Hike, the impact is that WhatsApp Call is having own 700 million monthly active users unparalleled. In a country like India where WhatsApp has over 70 million monthly active users, WhatsApp Call has the potential to do to voice calling what WhatsApp messenger did to SMS especially.


After activation of the feature

  • WhatsApp user interface changes to feature separate screens whenever a voice call is dialled.
  • WhatsApp contacts, ongoing calls and call logs are also visible on the separate screen.
  • The chat window also displays a calling button that is represented by a phone icon.
  • The active call screen support buttons for switching to the chat window, turning on the loudspeaker and for muting the call.

The Android and Blackberry users are waiting when this feature becomes available for all the Whatsapp users as it definitely raises the popularity of Whatsapp and increases the number of users using whatsapp.

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