Google launches YouTube for Kids on Android and iOS

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The latest application introduced by YouTube on Monday, the first in-house app built by keeping specially kids in mind, Google has launched YouTube Kids. Like most parents love their children so much and want to do the things their children interested in. It is very interesting app for the kids and is available for Android and Iphone users in U.S now. YouTube has been provided people with stuff they want including audios, videos, music, movies and lot more. Now it has done a new experiment for the help of kids.

Google launches YouTube for Kids


This application is available in Google Play Store and the iOS App Store help kids to browse, view and use YouTube on their own. It contains filtered kids- oriented videos which in turn enhances the experience and also helpful in opening brand opportunities for your kids focussed brand. In December the company has announced to launch such applications for kids and it kept its promise. In today’s technology world many applications have been developed but why this is the best application for your little champions have five reasons are as follows:

  1. With its larger icons and brighter colors, it is designed to attract tots.
  2. Young kids have sometimes face problems in spellings, this app will solve this problem easily as it is  having voice search capability.
  3. You can preset certain number of videos and the screen time your kid can indulge in. Parental controls include a timer and turn off search.

4.  There are four categories including : Shows, Learning, Music and Explore.


There are various features this application supports and make it more useful for the kids of less age. Lets discuss all the features of Youtube kids application one by one.

  • Family Focussed Content – Many people view videos on the YouTube for many hours. Now it’s more easier for the parents to make their children operate the app as it is narrowed down by the content which is appropriate for the kids. There are four categories including  Shows, Learning, Music and Explore. You can search for the informational videos like how to build trains, volcano models and projects related to kids study.


  • Playful and Bright Design – The application design is very bright and colourful that will easily attract the kids towards the screen. As your child definitely know how to scroll YouTube songs, music, movies, videos, cartoons but now this app will help to recognize by visuals more easily and helps to navigate more easily.


  • Parental Controls – There are more options available for the control of parents as each and every family has its own priorities and own level of thinking. So these options are helpful to give the kids  knowledge.


  • Timer: It lets the application be the bad guy with a built-in timer that lets you limit kids’ screen time. You don’t have to tell the child. This app alerts your child when the session is over.
  • Sound settings: You need a little peace and quiet sometimes!. So you have an option to turn off background music and sound effects, so your kids can keep watchin while you catch a breather.
  • Search settings: you can turn off search, if you want to limit your children to the pre-selected videos available on the home screen.
  • Product feedback:  We’ve included a space for you to give us your feedback. Our main goal is to improve YouTube Kids all the time.

This the only application that is just a start for the re-imagining of YouTube for families, kids and corporate people. If you support it will continue to make more new chapters with you.

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