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February 17, 2015
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February 20, 2015

Google is rolling out a health issue feature that provides some common information regarding common medical diseases and health problems in the answer when someone search about medical related problems. This facility helps a lot in providing all the medical information including symptoms, causes and preventive measures of illness and certain disorders or diseases in our body.

Google is the multinational corporation that has raised its flags in the field of technology in very short time deals in internet related services like Gmail, Google+, Google Analytics, Google Drive, Google maps, Google Drive, Games, Videos, Images and many more that even can not be defined right here in this small place. It launched many technologies that helps people in many ways and make their work easier and simple.

Now the latest upcoming news coming in these days is that Google now becomes Dr. Google means

  • if anyone is having any medical diseases, medical issues, problems, illness, disorders, Health issue related can be easily solved by Google.
  • The main purpose of Google this time on the latest upcoming technology it is launching is to add the health information directly in search results. It contains the information about the symptoms, causes and diagnosis of the particular health issue.
  • It is initiated and limited to U.S.
  • For this Google has also worked with lots of renowned doctors for this service to get initiated.
  • Can’t replace the professional doctors to whom people go for their treatment.
  • Dr. Google will show the symptoms, causes and precautions of the disease and also give the rating that how critical it is or not.

The Product Manager at Google, Prem RamaSwami said that from around 20 searches there is at least 1 search related to medical issues. he also added like some conditions you’ll also see high quality illustrations from licensed medical illustrators. With the help of Google, You find it easier to do more research on other sites and know what to ask from your doctor.

The Google Knowledge Graph puts the important information, as the important issue is to provide a correct information as this information is very critical. This knowledge graph provides a correct information and will pin it and whenever Google is asked, it will provide instant results. Without a user click it will answer the questions directly related to any health issue.

It is currently in United States but Google is planning to expand it in other countries also very soon. As it is required by each and every person somewhere someday and it will prove very useful. So we hope it will launch soon in other countries also.

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