Google updated YouTube to Version 10

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February 2, 2015
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February 3, 2015

Google updated YouTube to version 10 from earlier version 6.0.13. This version 10 has minor improvements like grid view share menu and that grid menu contains the “copy url”option at the top on the fixed place and it contains options like drop-box, Gmail, Google+, hangouts etc and few changed icons,the grid helps a lot in viewing the options on single view, a voice come back option (microphone) is added now as it is missed from many versions.



YouTube is one of most popularly  sites which get millions of hits by people everyday. YouTube is the video sharing site which was founded individually but acquired by Google after sometime. You can find any type of video in YouTube  and if want to search a video, he can directly type Google in the address bar. Now YouTube operates as a google subsidiary. On YouTube  you can view, upload and share videos like make your video and share it on YouTube . Unregistered users can see it only but registered users can make their own videos and can upload here. YouTube has made its own name in the field of technology in very short duration of time. The inspiration to start YouTube came from a common incident when some friends gone to a party and they got a problem in transferring videos from phone. They decided to launch  application by one can easily share videos, then comes YouTube.

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Now the latest news came is that Google recently updated the version of YouTube to 10 from version 6.0.13.  Other addition is so minor like to change the direction of replay icon came on the screen after the video is finished.In earlier versions it face towards left and now it faces towards right.

Some other features get added like video editing feature that help editing the video, video filters, video trimming feature should be started in november. Audio track selection is also a key feature to be added later. One more feature should be to connect with friends and relatives on Youtube through their contact numbers but the numbers get verified by a pointing code. Another feature is Livechat that shows the number of people participated in chat on YouTube. It will be displayed in Livechat box.

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