Top 14 Must Have Android Apps
January 29, 2015
Outlook App launched for Android and iOS users
January 30, 2015

Android is the operating system that is developed to make resemblance with humans.It was designed for mobile phones that are touch screen mainly, televisions,  tablets, wrist watches, cars etc.It is the highest selling operating system in today’s time and is widely used by millions of users all over the world.It has developed many applications that are user friendly and reach to great hikes in very short duration of time.It has made our work easier by launching more and more apps with easy installing and take less space also that is a key advantage for users, so happy to have such type of service.

Android is the best possible solution for the company who want less price, customize and ready made operating system. Android has developed many applications when stepped into the field of technology. Main purpose to use Android apps is that they are memory manageable like it will automatically shut down the app which is no longer in use that will save the device traffic and also helps in less battery usage.

Now latest news is that Android has launched 5 best apps that are so useful for students that will make students work easier and also these apps are less time consuming.They are very useful for them in study.


They are as follows:



1. Evernote Evernote

Evernote is the application in Android which is similar to the notebook.You can write everything here to keep in mind.Many things are forgotten which are so important to remember in this busy life, so Evernote is one and only perfect solution to get rid of all problems. One can write note in form of text, audio, photo or handwritten ink note.This handwritten option has been introduced now.







2. Tasker

Tasker is very useful at home as well as schools.Sometimes you forgot that your phone is ringing while entering in classroom or some important place, there tasker will help you out.There are some customized settings which you can set according to the environment you want to.





3. Andie Graph andie-graph.png


Andie graph is a graphical calculator that are very much useful for the students while solving  difficult calculations.It is free to install from app store at your device. Now there is no separate calculator required for doing calculations, you can easily do it on your own device.







4. Sunrise

Sunrise is a calendar application to keep the records of all important dates in your device.

This app can work on all the other podium like Foursquare, Facebook, LinkedIn and many others.







5. Slideshare slideshare-app

In this practical world of education, Every student work on their laptops and PC’s to present their work in form of presentations but its not easy to carry your laptop everywhere. So in that case Slideshare app can be downloaded so that you can take your important work everywhere along with you.





Hope these applications will help you out with your difficulties in work.

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