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January 28, 2015
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January 30, 2015

Every Smartphone device running on an Android Operating System comes with a set of pre-installed applications. Whether they are used on or not depends on users. Smartphone users will only make use of the applications that they need in their daily lives. This may mean that certain Smartphone users may not utilize the benefits of the best Smartphone applications as they do not need them.

However, if 14 must have Android Apps are to be mentioned, it is important to provide a general view taking into consideration the habits of majority of the Smartphone users. Listed below are some of the most important applications for Android run Smartphone devices.

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Evernote: An application similar to the MS Office of Windows OS, the Evernote application allows Android users to create and access documents in the textual, photographic or other similar formats.

App Lock: The App Lock allows users to lock other applications with passwords in order to prevent unauthorized access.

AVG Antivirus: The AVG Antivirus (or any other antivirus software) is a must-have in all Android Smartphone devices in order to enhance the security of the device, as well as the data present within the device.

Opera Mini/UC Browser: An internet browser to browse the internet is a critical application that must be present on all Android Smartphone devices. However, users can choose the browsers according to their personal preferences.

Go Backup: An application that helps to back up all the data of the Smartphone device, Go Backup should be on top of the list to avoid data loss.

Battery Widget Reborn/Battery Defender: An application that helps to save power and prolong battery life is a must have in the Smartphone, and hence, Battery Widget Reborn or Battery Defender is a very important application.

Google Map: the Google Map can be of tremendous help in locating and getting directions to places, and thus is an integral application for any Smartphone.

Google Drive: The Google Drive helps users to back up their data so that it can be accessed from any part of the world, and thus it certainly ranks among the 14 must have Android Apps.

Facebook: A social networking application that helps users to stay connected with their friends and loved ones from all parts of the globe.It is one of the most popular android apps.

Twitter: Quite similar to Facebook, Twitter also helps users to stay in touch with friends, family and loved ones regardless of the geographical distance between them.

Whats App Messenger: A messenger Application that helps users to keep in touch with friends and family through text messages.A must have android app for all smart phone users.

Instagram: A photo sharing application that allows users to share their pictures and videos with friends, family and loved ones from all parts of the world.

Skype: An application that uses the VoIP feature to call other users of the application for free. All calls between two Skype users are always free!

YouTube: Video sharing suite that can be used to share or watch videos of all kinds from anywhere in the world.

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