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Facebook is one of the popular social networking sites. It allows various users to interact on a single place, share chat messages,photos etc and can find friends also and most importantly you can interact to number of people at a time from long distances. It has spread its roots in field of technology very fast. Its a very flexible platform for any type of service. So Android chooses Facebook not any other platform for its service.

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Android was developed by Google sometime back. It is an operating system mainly for touch screen phones and tablets. It also shown colours over the world very quickly.In today’s time a phone without Android operating system is just a waste. Whenever someone goes to shop to buy a phone, say do you have Android phone, if not move out of shop without further enquiries.This place is what Android made for itself.

Facebook At Work is now available for download on iOS. The beta version is basically the testing of the app before it becomes available to the public. Millions of people view Facebook everyday and million of users use Android products. This will help in gaining the popularity and increases the number of followers if both are together. The working of beta program is mainly to report the bugs if any present.Once the user download the app can directly report for the bugs if present, automatically take the screenshot when user encounters a problem. On the other hand Facebook group continuously working on the feedback given by the end users.

Mike Shaver, Director of Engineering, Facebook tells why Facebook is participating in a beta program for Android “It’s not just for the parts that are refined, so getting ourselves into that model and making sure that we’re confident that we can maintain the velocity where we’re operating on Android has been a little bit of work but … everyone’s been pretty excited about it. It is a really interesting opportunity for people to participate in the direction of the software. We’re pretty eager to see what we can get in terms of feedback there.”

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