Gmail’s New Android App: Gain Yahoo, Outlook Account Support

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Very soon Gmail may be a lot better not only single managing your email. Google is in the process of updating its apps with the new Material Design layout. The Android version of the new app will be updated in the coming weeks with support for Outlook, Yahoo and other types of non-Gmail email accounts.

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Google business is not about running free email services. The internet boom started with hotmail . A lot of people don’t want to change their email for unobvious reasons, Google may as well support them to keep them coming back to a simple and user friendly Google platform. A lot of people were asking for this since 2009 when smartphones started becoming the norm. Google’s refreshed Gmail account offers more flexibility Now.

It’s worth remembering move for Google, Due to Google’s email platform which is focused on each & every users worldwide. Google wants Gmail to be more than just a repository for your Gmail messages. Google is updating all of its applications to add support for his, New design that is being used in Android 5.0 Lollipop. That’s recently updated in Google email, & it turns out the next version of the mobile email application will have support for Outlook and Yahoo accounts. Gmail’s new Service Design is focused look, new avatars, icons and menu styles.



It appears that switching between Gmail and non-Gmail accounts will work much the same way as navigating between different Google accounts within the current app. But opening up the Gmail app to other types of email accounts could potentially draw thousands of new Android users who don’t use Gmail for either work or personal accounts to the app.

Now Google did’t clear when, or if, a similar update may come to the iOS version of Gmail but Google typically rolls out major updates to its Android apps before bringing them to iOS.

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