Skype Qik : New Group Video Messaging App

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October 20, 2014
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October 21, 2014

Microsoft’s Skype has launched a new Snapchat-like app worldwide named Skype Qik,Available in 21 languages for all three platforms and are downloadable from same at their store like Google Play StoreApple App Store  but Qik will come to Windows Phone in the coming months.

Skype Qik allows users to send short spontaneous video messages to one another using their smartphones or new standalone app for disappearing video messages that doesn’t require a Skype account to use.


Before starting the app, users only need to verify their phone number, which easily creates their account. Although Skype Qik is part of the Skype family, By which users don’t need to have Skype in order to receive Skype Qik video Msgs. They needed only  mobile phone number. No contact information is stored in Skype’s cloud or any other company database.

If a user has Skype Qik installed is notified within the app when a message is received. If the app isn’t already installed, then user receives a SMS with a link that provides a download for the app. The message will be still waiting until the user installed app properly.


The short Qik messages — up to 42 seconds in length — self-destruct like Snapchat, Microsoft Xim messages after two weeks Videos, which can be up to 42 seconds long — a reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy — Are automatically deleted from message threads after 2 weeks. Before they expire users can go back and delete their own videos So the videos will also be removed from the other participants’ conversations. They can then start one on one or group chats — Skype Qik can potentially have hundreds of participants — by recording short videos and sending them to friends or groups of friends. Users can also send group messages to multiple friends, Skype, allowing them to “show everyone happening at the pub, latest gossip, or make everyone jealous with your thrift shopping finds.

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