Apple Introduces Own ‘Apple SIM’ – Death Knell For Telecom Operators

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October 17, 2014
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October 20, 2014
apple ipad sim card

Apple introduces own ‘Apple SIM’ for new iPad series ,Apple SIM now only in the Unites States , EE and UK, iPads will have this new ‘feature’. This will only be available on 4G LTE iPads sold in the U.S. While Apple did not mention the special SIM cards during the presentation of the new 4G enabled iPads on Thursday, The carriers supported are AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile too.

apple ipad sim card

The biggest innovation is the total software-based sim. Apple technology could help to drive mobile costs down by offering customers “greater freedom in the mobile phone market by allowing them to switch mobile phone networks on-the-cloud, if and when a network provides better service or at lower cost”.

However the US Apple product site mentions “One sim, many possibilities.” The new Apple SIM allowing them to jump from carrier to carrier at will. When you tap “Set Up Cellular Data” in the settings, Complete list of the available carriers appears on Ipad screen. users choose from any of the available short-term carrier options.
Most mobile devices currently connect to different phone networks as supplied sim card mobile network companies. The customers always bind with up those service operators and usually change sim card as for their necessities. “But now the Apple gives you the flexibility to choose from a variety of short-term plans from selected carriers for your Ipad with his enabled sim.

Apple's ipad sim card

This sim card is already inbuilt with Apple’s new iPad Air 2 tablet which might offer apple lovers greater freedom in choosing their mobile operator. Previously, buyers of cellular-enabled iPads needed to pick a carrier first, and then buy the compatible model. Verizon is the out odd carrier in the U.S. Which uncompatible with the Apple SIM now, But the Verizon-compatible iPads will be available, so buyers will need a separate SIM card for those.

The ‘Apple sim’ is huge news it shows the strength of Apple’s hand with carriers – no other manufacturer could have done that.”


1- Faster Wi Fi ever.. Good things come to those who don’t wait.:

iPad Air 2 provides users fastest Wireless connections than ever. Wi Fi speed is more than double as fast as before, New speeds up to 866 Mbps. And Wi Fi + Cellular models are packed with advanced technology, iPad Air 2 features.advanced 802.11ac Wi‑Fi technology and MIMO support. with download speeds up to a superfast 866 Mbps.Apple offering speeds up to 150 Mbps — a 50 percent increase over previous models. so you can make fast connections, Where ever you go.

2- Create your own mobile hotspot.
With Personal Hotspot on your Wi Fi + Cellular model, User can easily create a mobile hotspot for other network devices. Like you’re in a friends group ,who want to get online with a laptop, but there’s no Wi Fi. You can come to their rescue simply by turning on your hotspot in Settings, They’re ready to connect. And you’re the hero.

apple hubspot

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