Google Now showing the future to ‘Mobile’ Search

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October 14, 2014
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Google Now slowly emerging as the leader for Mobile based search marketing globally. Google is very thoughtful about its new innovative app and its marketing campaign which is hitting the streets with display ads, billboards all across the major cities and states. One thing is for sure! everybody is so serious from SEO’s to Internet Marketers and Search Industry people.


If you are still unknown with Google Now App, then let me take you to a brief snapshot what it is? Introduced in mid of 2012, Google Now can be described as an intelligent personal assistant, easily available on for android and iOS operating system as well as for chrome in PC’s. Google Now App use a natural language user interface to answer questions, making recommendations and implementing actions by delegating requests to a set of internet services. Along with solving user-initiated queries. ‘Google Now’ delivers information to the users based on search habits.

Google Now provides personalized information which is served up via specialised cards: Nearby places, events, weather update, Friends’ birthdays, TV Shows, traffic updates, parking locations, flights timings, Product listing, appointments etc. And the information contained on these special cards is gathered from various sources including the user’s Gmail account information like, location, interests and previous searching history. Google Now is able to pull together things and serve them what you need at that point. By silently gathering data in the background of your phone it is able to forecast what information you need to know & when you need it.

Now, Lets take an example How Google Now App work?  Let’s say you have plans to attend a party in a nearby city. Google Now App will pull information from your previous interactions with Google (via search, events, Google calendar etc.),  as well as your
previous location history, check- ins the app pulls up relevant and timely information instantly to you in form of attractive cards. Analysis from these App cards may contain traffic reports near the party venue, the best parting places nearby that city and the weather forecast for that time period.

This isn’t Google’s 1st invasion into ‘forecast search’, however. You may be familiar with Instant Search, and of course AutoComplete, search features that predict what you’re searching for and display possible search results you may be interested in.

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