Google+ Tools You Should Not Ignore for Business

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Google is the most famous search engine around the world. When we create a Google account, a Google Plus account also gets created automatically. Google Plus serves as a social network. Google Plus is very important for business as it is the foundation layer for all businesses. To enhance a company’s website traffic potential Google Plus is very important. If a company shares any of their photo or status update on their Google Plus page then these information’s will be indexed when someone searches for something related to the company. Google Plus is good for the SEO of a company. There are several Google Plus tools which help the business run more effectively. Lets have a look at some of the Google Plus tools which are important for business.




Circle Count: It is a perfect tool to measure your business content and its effectiveness. Circle Count has a Chrome extension and a website. Circle Count helps you to find communities, pages and circles for your company. Your engagement and your activity is analyzed by the site and it also displays information such as the history of your followers.

RSS Feed: It is used for packaging up information. RSS is a format. If you subscribe to a lot of blogs and if the blog supports RSS, then you can view all the blog within a RSS reader.  It saves time because there will not be any need for you to visit each blog individually.

Allmyplus: This tool helps to view the detailed statistics of a user. With the help of this tool you can search for a particular Google Plus user. Allmyplus allows you to obtain information about the user such as the interactions they had, the posts they made, when they made the post and much more.

Timing +: It is a very simple tool to identify the best time to post articles or blogs. Timing has to be worked out correctly in order to get maximum benefit for posting in any social network so that you do not miss out any of your followers. This tool is very simple to use.

Circlescope: It is a circle management tool which helps you to remove in-active users. It helps to uncircle people if the person does not circle you back.  You can obtain complete analysis and informations of people whom you engage with. You can get information about your circle and followers as well.  You can monitor whether the people in your circle are active or not.

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