Apple iWatch Helps to predict Heart Attack and Body Temperature

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May 7, 2014
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May 9, 2014

Wearables will make it big this year. Their popularity is on a high because people always like to choose portable and lightweight products, that are stylish and trendy too!  Apple is rumored to be developing the technology of sensor that would be capable of predicting heart attacks. The sensor in the iWatch would be able to monitor the person’s blood flow. Apple selected a famous audio engineer and they develop the hardware and software that lets a watch to listen to your flow of blood and alert the users when they have the sensation of heart attack. The Apple iWatch would look like a normal wrist watch and it contains a number of features. One of the main features of the iwatch is that it helps to make connections with other Apple device of yours and you can make the transformation the content in watch to another iOS device like the iPhone or iPad.




Other features of the iWatch contains OLED screen, Wrist convenience, Password Access, Curved Screen, Voice control and Bluetooth. The password access helps to avoid the data leakage to other Apple device. If the user sets the password to their iWatch, the second person cannot steal the data. The curved screen offers the iWatch with a stylish look. The option of voice control helps the users to simply give a voice command for acting it. The battery in the apple iWatch provides improved and long life, so the user doesn’t need to charge the watch daily. iWatch offers wireless charging and the design of the watch is simply stylish to impress anyone. The iWatch uses kinetic and solar energy for charging the battery sometimes. The price of the Apple iWatch is reasonable for the customers. Today, most of the smart watches can pair with a Smartphone which is providing wide notifications such as updates of social network, chat messages, emails and incoming calls. Apple iWatch would be fully focused on health related features.


Recently, Apple has been improving the sensors and software which helps to monitor the heart condition of a user. It is denoted that it provides the health related notifications. When using this iWatch, you can protect yourself from heart attack. Apple is focusing on technology, which helps to predict medical emergency. The apple iWatch could immediately predict the heart attack by monitoring the sound of blood. Generally, the applet uses the technology of optoelectronic for their iWatch to active the users to observe their oxygen saturation of blood and heart rate. The apple iWatch is not only monitoring the heart, but also observing the body temperature and breathing. So the iWatch is more preferable to the users who have worse health condition. The cost of the apple iWatch is reasonable and it is also suitable for the all classes of people.


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