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May 5, 2014
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May 7, 2014

Nowadays phone are a reflection of one’s mind and their attitude towards life. People are very conscious of using wallpapers on their screen. Since the choice of wallpapers and app tells what kind of a human being you are. There are numerous wallpapers available in the market which is suitable for our phone, our mood and our personality.


NFL 2014 Live wallpaper is featuring the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Sea Hawks. It has improved day and night detection within the stadium. Pre game predictions and post game results are shown. In the middle there is spinning team football. The screen contains game countdown, scores, time date and weather and it can b subscribed for $2.49.  SMS and game alerts are also there with new announcers audio and kick action. It also contains team ringtones. It also contains live billboards, weekly statistics, holiday features and it is also updated monthly.



Then comes Zombies live wallpaper. It is simple Halloween wallpaper which contains funny and ghost cartoons. The wordings can be changed and even the speed and direction can be controlled. It is a free and a best fit wallpaper. There is a Gold Fish Live Wallpaper which has a magic touch. It creates ripples in bathtub and it is fun to watch it subside. This contains five exclusive retina eye backgrounds. It has fine and smooth ripples. It creates realistic water droplets on the screen. The water droplets can be customized according to size, type, density and speed. This wallpaper has been tested on all most all Galaxy phones. Then there is Earth Live Wallpaper with more or less same functions like Gold Fish Live Wallpaper. Both are interactive at finger touch.

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