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April 29, 2014
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100 Doors 2014 app puts the player in a series of single room stages and the single motto is to escape from there. Then the elevator has to be opened and then one has to go to the next level. One will feel trapped as soon as one steps out and there might be something exciting waiting at the end of any door. These kind of games do not fail they are an instant hit among all.


This app is liked by all because of it out-of-the-box puzzle game which is challenging at every step. This encourages to use mobile devices more innovatively with special features to come out of situations. For example if one is not able to escape from a window and the phone is tilted then a rock comes rolling. Most of the time new discoveries of keypad combinations are made. But other times it is a simple game as getting the door open by sheer force. It comes with promised weekly updates. None of the stages are too challenging and each level has a separate code. But there are a lot of content and things to do to in the app to keep anyone busy.

100 Doors 2014 app has been designed mainly for iPad, Android phones and iPhone. It has 100 doors which contains help, solutions and tips for completing each floor. The guide contains answers for queries and requirements. There are continuous update for this game and even blogs are maintained for this app. The 100 Doors 2014 app has challenging puzzles, it has optimized its performance and it is extremely light weight. It has amazing high definition graphics and the icing on the cake is that it is free. It is being appreciated for well thought out doors with sensible solutions. In order to play one can tap and swipe the phone. Even they can shake the phone, rock or roll or rotate  the phone. Once the door is unlocked one can reach the next level and the progress is saved automatically and one can proceed to the next level. The guide is also there to help the players.


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