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Note 3


We are living in the world of technology and there are lots of development in the world of electronic gadgets. Among all these gadgets, Samsung, being on of the best mobile producing company in the world, are trying to develop something new invention. This invention is related to producing gold Note 3. This is an extended version of Samsung Galaxy and this will obviously make the tech lovers more happy and delighted. Here let us have a little discussion on this new development.


Note 3


It was rumored that the rose gold version of Samsung galaxy note 3 making its way to Verizon wireless, now Samsung has given the confirmation on its official press website that the rose gold version of Samsung galaxy note 3 will be available exclusively on Verizon wireless. Now Verizon will offer the white version of rose gold note 3, which will contain the golden accents on its outer edge, home button, camera housing and S pen too.

The specifications of this rose gold note 3 will be same as that of the black and white version of the mobile phone that means the phone will possess, like the intelligent stylus with the device allows the user to not only navigate but also to scribble and interface notes, this phone also possess smart screen feature including smart stay, which keeps the screen on as long as the consumer is looking at it, motion commands included on the note 3 allow you to tilt your phone to zoom in while looking at any image, or like you can turn your phone on mute while receiving a call, this phone also carries the feature like voice commands which helps us in accepting and rejecting the calls, also helps us in taking pictures and in controlling the music.

13 MP camera also reduces the needs of any digital camera or SLR as it have all the latest features like auto focus, LED flash and the clear images you want can be with you with the help of this smartphone, in fact all these features makes this phone the best big screen mobile or the phablet in the market right now, it packs in latest hardware, a brilliant full HD screen, note 3 almost offers every imaginable features that a latest smartphone could offer making it a very useful phone.

But unfortunately company didn’t revealed that when the rose gold note 3 will launch on Verizon wireless and what will be the price of the smartphone, it is also rumored that Verizon will keep the price of this rose gold note 3 as same as the black and the white version of the note 3. The fact that Samsung has added about the phone on their press site means that this phone will be released out in the market soon and will hit the markets all time high as because of the amazing specifications and success of black and white versions this phone will bring revolution in the mobile markets. Hence, you can definitely try to grab this model.

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