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February 22, 2014
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February 23, 2014

Moonlight Live Wallpaper is an application for android mobile phone users where the user can get a nice moon in which the user can add portrait of various people including them. In this live wallpaper the user can set 8 separate settings for the screen and low resolution mobile phones additionally can acquire an optimal adjustment to the screen. The user can add custom pictures from their gallery in the application. The user can get flying fairies on unlocking or when touching the screen of the mobile phone. The user can get various shapes of fairy. They can also add text to the wallpaper made.


moonlight live wallpaper


The Moonlight Live Wallpaper application smoothly works on the mobile phones of the following resolution:

  • 240 x 320

  • 320 x 480

  • 480 x 600

  • 480 x 700

  • 480 x 750

  • 480 x 800

  • 480 x 854

  • 600 x 1024 (tablet)

Various mobile phone devices have specific screen resolution. On account of this decision of resolution screen all the mobile phone screen display can get the live wallpaper flawlessly adjusted. The user can also set the velocity of the live wallpaper keeping in mind the end goal to get the development flawlessly acclimates to the mobile phone model. An alternate functional characteristic is the capacity to move the live wallpaper on the SD memory card.

For the installation of the wallpaper after download the user can go to the home screen and press the menu option. From there the wallpaper option is selected, and then the live wallpaper option is selected. The required wallpaper is searched and then the option ‘live wallpaper’ is selected. By the help of the options in settings, the user can select the ‘set wallpaper’ option to activate it on the screen. Before activating it the user can change the resolution and frequency of the live wallpaper.

In case of changing the screen resolution of the wallpaper after installing and launching it on the screen, the user can again go to the home screen. On the home screen the user has to press the menu button on the mobile phone device. Here the user has to select the option ‘wallpaper’ and then has to select ‘configure’. Here the user has to set the size of the live wallpaper that the user wishes to have on the screen of the device. After settings of the wallpapers have been completed the back button of the android device is clicked to go to the main screen.

To have the live wallpapers on the android device the user has to have the two main requirements.

1. Compatible Hardware –The mobile phone that will be having the live wallpaper should have a good RAM and at the same time a good screen resolution.

2. Compatible Operating System – The mobile phone of the user must have the OS android 2.0 or above for the live wallpaper to work well. Many devices such as HTC and others still have problems so they should have the latest version of the android functioning.

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