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Autumn Live Wallpaper

Autumn Live Wallpaper


Autumn is a favorite season for us. If you notice properly, you can see that during the season autumn, the nature, and the atmosphere of some countries becomes spellbound. Hence, developing wallpaper depicting the natural beauty of autumn is obviously a nice idea. Developing such wallpaper based on the mesmerizing natural beauty will generally attract the mass at large and it has happened. In this world of technology, when we are using our desktops, laptops, or smart phones, we like to keep some nice wallpaper to give a nice look to the screens of these electronic gadgets. In general, it has been seen that most of us like to add some wallpapers based on innate beauties. Among all these nature wallpapers, autumn live wallpaper has already become famous. There are some unique features, which have made this wallpaper famous around the world.




autumn live wallpaper

Let us have a look on the reasons why the autumn live wallpaper has become attractive to all the tech lovers. This wallpaper is well supportive for all types of screen resolution. One can use this wallpaper by installing the app. This wallpaper is developed with android and now available with advanced version of 2.2. This wallpaper has been developed by Jason Alen in the year 2011. To apply this wallpaper into your smartphone or mobile, you need to install android facility into your mobile or desktop.

In this tech savvy world, when we all are fully accustomed with various types of  electronic gadgets like smart phones, laptops etc, then we must use some updated and advanced wallpaper too so that the get up of these gadgets can be changed. Hence, using live wallpapers like autumn live wallpaper and others, will definitely make an addition to the gadgets. Here we must know what specifications of this wallpaper are. The total file size of this wallpaper is 4.92 mb. The design and the concept of this wallpaper are awesome. The fog and the falling leaves in the early morning are nicely fitted with the name of the wallpaper. The specific feature of this wallpaper is that, user can control the number of falling beautiful leaves; one can choose the background as per preference with the availability of HD images. Here you need to download this wallpaper free from its original websites. There are supportive tools to download this wallpaper.

The looks and the get up of this wallpaper simply great with the falling leaves. This reminds you the beautiful nature in the autumn in Eastern Canada or New England. This wallpaper will make your mood charming and you will definitely feel nice. As this wallpaper is completely free to download, then you can download this wallpaper for your smart phones and screens for laptops or desktops. The only thing that you need to have is that updation of android version. When you update your electronic gadget with updated android version, then you are free to download this app. You can download in all the android supported smart phones like Galaxy versions of Samsung, Sony Experia or HTC One etc.

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