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February 11, 2014
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Dolphin Live wallpaper is an application that can be used by the user in order to get various live wallpapers of dolphins on their desktop, mobile phones and other devices.

Wallpapers have a great interest for the mobile and desktop devices every time. People have innovated various topics and options of the wallpapers and screen savers. There can be a number of topics on which there can be a numerous number of wallpapers and screen savers. Recently there has been a new trend of having nature as the wall paper. The unique natural looks are brought on the screen of the various desktops and mobile phones of the users.



Marine world has been a fascination for the people since a long time. The world under the water is no doubt mesmerizing and so there cannot be a better way to get the underwater world to be made wallpaper. The dolphins are taken to be the most cuddling creature underwater. Dolphin wallpapers are available now in a great variety. Now with the availability of the various technology and modern devices now people can keep live dolphin wallpapers on their mobile phones and desktops.

Dolphins are the favourite for many people. Dolphins can be a subject for wallpapers on the user’s desktops and mobile phones. Now the dolphin wallpapers are available for the android mobile phones users. These wallpapers are unique because they are not the still wallpapers but the live wallpapers that have the capability of turning the screen of the user look live and real. These wallpapers are easily to download and also easy to set.

Mermaids Dolphins Live Wallpaper for Android makes a subject that a mermaid plays with her dolphins. Mermaid and dolphins move, with rolling ocean water. Liveliness choice settings are little, medium, and huge. The user can pick vast for best comes about. The user can pick outlines for every second to control activity speed.

The “Download Now” connection takes the user to the item page in the online Android Market. The program can specifically be downloaded and introduced on the enrolled Android device from the personal computer. The user can also download it from the Android Market on their Android device.

After the user has downloaded the application and the wallpaper on the android device, the wallpaper has to be set as live. The user can go to the home screen and press the menu button provided on the mobile device. There the user has to select the option ‘wallpaper’. Then again the user has to select the option ‘live wallpaper’. Then after the settings done, the user has to search the wallpaper and select the option live desktop.

Setting is selected to view the settings options from where the user can simply select on the option ‘set wallpaper’. The switch for SD is used for setting the proper screen resolution. The settings also have the options of setting the speed of the live wallpaper. From here the user can select and set the frequency of the speed of the wallpaper.

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