One-fourth British kids under 8 possess a Tablet

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January 28, 2014
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January 28, 2014

Tablets which are a very much modern days electronic gadgets are now really rocks in the market and these gadgets are becoming very much popular amongst the young people and most surprisingly especially to the children who are below 8 in country like United Kingdom. This addiction of the children over tablets are now seriously matter of concern as  most of the parents of these children are worried about the addiction of their children and it is a fact that it surely hampers on the study and all other activities of the children. According to a survey done in United Kingdom, one-fourth of the British children under the age of eight years possess a tablet computer. Near about 84% of the parents in Britain bought these tablet computers for their children last year and have spent more than £462 each, according to the study done.




Now biggest problem coming in front of the parents is that their children are becoming addicted to these gadgets and children are feeling lost without those tablets and are giving very less time to the outdoor sports, extra activities and are also giving very less time to their parents as all of the time is spend while playing games in those touch screen tablets. And sometimes they have to face unexpected bills because of the purchase of the costly apps on the tablets by the children. More amazingly most of the children whizz around menus and rows of apps when they are under the age of two, but the risks of this addiction are as follows:

  • Since the use of tablets from a very early age risk of having eye problem increase and that is not a good thing for the help of those children.

  • There is a tendency of many children that due to the addiction of the tablets children are stopping to play outdoor game and they just wasting their time in front of the tablets instead of playing outdoor games. That should be avoided anyway because of for the adduction of they become lazy and homesick and this will stop a child’s interest in outdoor games and exercises which are not a healthy option playing outdoor games are must for a healthy lifestyle.

  • As a child will spend more time with his gadget than parents then there will be lack of bonding and love between parents and kids which is also very bad thing.

There are so many advantages of having a tablet. Everything has disadvantages as well as advantages and so does a tablet have. As because of knowledge of the usage of tablets a children can perform better in his studies as they can make lessons, homework and bedtime stories all interactive which will release pressure from the parents. But it can be avoided by taking some Precautions by the parents. All parents should take precautions by fixing the number of hours spends on using a tablet and parents should also check the quality of things done by child after regular interval of time.


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