Android 4.4 kitkat Update for Samsung Galaxy S4

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Samsung is being considered as one of the most renowned mobile company across the world. This Korean company has developed their product after doing thorough research work on consumer needs and fashion. In today’s world, it is fact that with change of daily requirements, the choices of consumers are getting changed. Keeping all these in our mind, almost all the mobile companies are trying to develop their own products fully equipped all possible functions. Among all of them, Samsung is quite ahead and if we go through daily news, we will notice that Samsung continues their updation procedure at regular intervals. This is the result of Samsung Kit Kat updation of their most popular Galaxy series. This is well known to all of us that, Galaxy series has become too much popular in all over the world and to people of all ages too.


samsung galaxy s4


Even though Samsung hasn’t yet officially announced its plan for Android 4.4 kitkat update still it couldn’t stop the internet from buzzing about the new possible update for the galaxy S4 model. The hype first started when leaked pictures of screenshots for Android 4.4.2 KitKat screenshots were discovered on various sites. Speculations say that it might be the final test build which usually doesn’t go through many modifications. The new update will enable new features with better technology like better specified dialer and caller ID, integration of text messages and caller ID. It is supposed to enable screen recording too.

It is also going to make room for an immersive mode full screen feature to provide the best possible video playing atmosphere. With a set of brand new loaded features the models which carry Android 4.4 kitkat update for Samsung Galaxy S4 are expected to hit the markets any time between February to April. The new updated version will boost the performance of the devices considerably. When this update takes place it would be second update for the S4 model since its launch. It last updated to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean in October. But we are not very likely to see much changes in the TouchViz enhanced updates.The time period between the updates may be very short but Samsung always stays one step ahead of its competitors when it comes to updating its devices with the latest versions of software.

The official launch confirmation by Samsung is still being awaited. There have been earlier instances when Samsung confirmed the plans for new versions of software just days before the launch as seen in the case of Android 4.3 Jelly bean. The countries of Europe will probably be the first ones to experience the new features with France and Poland having the highest chances. Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 3 are expected to follow suit. This popular updation of Samsung Galaxy has been circulated from the January 2014 and hope that this will make this smart phone more challenging to other companies. Hence, this is suggested that you must grab this phone in exchange of  your previous one.

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