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January 12, 2014
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January 12, 2014

What comes right in time for the Finnish brand Nokia, the launch of Nokia Lumia 1520, may be just what the firm needed to survive the market scrutiny that it was subjected to after Microsoft acquired it. In fact, rumors had it that Microsoft was deciding to remove the entire Nokia Lumia series. However, the latest launch has revived the dampened spirits of Nokia fans. With more features and extra memory place, the Nokia Lumia 1520 is all set to take a decent section of the market.


nokia lumia 1520


The new product has a six-inch screen and is powered by the Windows Phone 8 OS. Actually, this happens to be the first Windows phone that has a quad-core processor and a full HD display. IT is also the first device to run on Black, which happens to be the Nokia’s build of the Windows OS. Large and colorful, Nokia Lumia 1520 is one of the biggest smartphone which is a potential threat to the club of phablets. Complete with a matte finish, the polycarbonate premium chasis is one user-friendly surface buyer would look forward to using.  The phone has got a rectangular shell like look that does not miss out on loking sharp due to the uncurved corners.

The six inch full HD LCD panel (ClearBlack IPS) is its dominating front face display panel which actually bevels in edges. In addition, the Gorilla Glass 2 is right in place to protect the display from unwanted damage or scratches. At the lower end of the display, the Back, Start, and Search touch buttons have been placed. Offering impressive tactile feedback are the camera shutter, power and volume rocker keys. There are separate compartments for nanosim and micro SD card in the left edge of the phone. The device comes with a sharp tool that is to be used to eject the trays pertaining to each compartment. This smartphone has the specialty in using nano-sim and this is the fact that this gadget has become famous amongst the very few phablets in the market that use one.




This gadget has become famous to all the tech lovers due to the special specifications we have already discussed. Here if you want to have this smart phone available in the market, then you must look into the fact, that what are the accessories you will have after buying this smart gadget. With this gadget you will get, a long lasting charger, a durable headphone so that you can enjoy more music and more fun. This phone has stormed into the market with all the expectations to give other mobile companies a tough fight. If you are really a lover of windows phone with all the great hardware, then you must try to use this gadget. This awesome phablet has the battery capacity of 3400 hours. Hence if you are really looking for a special gadget for your own or for you loving one, then this phablet is one of the best options to buy. With amazing camera and video technology, this gadget has made the customers crazy to have this phone.

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