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January 12, 2014
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January 12, 2014
2014 games


2014 is the ultimate year of video games and it is the perfect year and the best year for the video game lovers. The era of Xbox and PS3 are approaching to a new beginning. The transition and evolution of video games have begun. We may think that video game the mode of enjoyment only for the children but this is not at all. There are some adventurous video games, which have attracted the elders too. We the elders sometimes spent our leisure time by enjoying various video games. In the year 2013, there were some exceptional releases of some new and unique video games. Same as in the year 2014, we are going to have many unique video games, which can be a good mode of enjoyment for both the children and elders. The biggest and the best anticipated games of this year are can be described below.




Bravely default is obviously going to be a unique game for fun. There is a hope that this game will make a craze among the young generation. It will release on 7th February of 2014. The handheld RPG looks like the rarest retreat for the hard-core gamers. Another exceptional video game, Plants vs. Zombies is going to grab the market very soon. This will be an Xbox’s ultimate jewel as it has taken military shooters. It will be hit amongst the youngsters. It will be releasing on 8th February. Donkey Kong country Tropical freeze will release on 21st February and it will be in HD. There is another superb video going to be released that is Thief, this will release on 25th February and it has got many challenges and levels to pass.

Titan fall will be one of the most questionable game as it might be a major hit or may fall down there is no assured in this context. Mario kart 8, another new release, is completely for the Mario lovers and it will be launched in full HD version. There is another superb video game going to be released and that is Star citizen. It looks like the most promising video game of 2014 and it will be a huge hit as it looks very impressing and the theme is the mysterious space. Pillars of eternity are again a unique game to be released in the year 2014 and there is a hope that this game will storm into the market largely. According to Obsidian, this game will be a winter gift for the gamers.

Hence are you little bit worried about what new video games you will gift your children? Then you do not need to be worried. As, there are plenty of announcements made but theses are the few games, which everyone are looking after. Yes, it will be a great year for the game lovers and they surf a huge number of other games. The graphics of these highly impressive and the challenges and stages will keep the gamers busy. So the gamers get set go and will definitely grab their required game.

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