Sony Play Station 4: Best Gift in New Year

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January 4, 2014
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sony play station 4


This is the season of festivity and you must be thinking to give your beloved some awesome gifts to make them surprised.  There are so many options to make your beloved happy but out of them Sony Play Station 4 will be the best option. You must be thinking why to buy the product of Sony? Here is the detail about this play station why it has become so famous around the world. Sony has marketed this product with more elegance and style to make sure that to play games without any barriers. This product has captured the market with a dramatic performance of graphics and style.

This play station has an excellent gaming features and it is worth the money. Performance that this gadget performs is really great. This is well-equipped with the controller of Dual Shock 4 and also has the availability of a large graphical leap from PS3. It is fully compatible with a Wi-Fi. This play station is fully available with all the modern technologies that whenever you present this to your loving children they will just jump on their heels. This gadget is available with single chip custom processor with memory capacity of GDDR5 8 GB. This is fully equipped with GPU of 1.84TFLOPS, Next Generation Redon from AMD and also facilitated with the basic graphics engine. A huge storage capacity of 500GB is also available in this play station. The technical specification of this play station is awesome as it is available with BD x6 CAV and DVD x8 CAV read-only memory.

When, you are opting to buy the Sony Play station 4, and then you must be looking to check what extraordinary facilities that you will get. This famous and elegant play station is facilitated with Ethernet with 10Base T, 100 bases TX and 1000 base T. Bluetooth 2.1 is another highly developed technology that is equipped with this model. Again, before buying a play station, we must look how the quality of AV output. This modern gadget is available with HDMI out port and Digital Output Optical port. This super developed gadget is also armed with automatic background updates so that updates of games can be availed easily. You can purchase your favorite games directly from the play station stores. Sony Play station 4 is also made to make some trading of various games. You can easily sell or lend any game to your friends as per your choice.

Before you are thinking to buy the Sony Play station 4, then you must know what accessories you can avail with this gadget. You will get the accessory, DualShock 4 to interact with the game. With this you can avail integrated speakers and touch controls with inbuilt action sensors. This super advanced gadget is not only available with modern technologies, we can avail this gadget with some beautiful colors as red, black or blue. Hence you can make your beloved happy and charmed by presenting a Sony Play Station 4 during this festive season. So, make this holiday more charming by presenting Sony Play Station 4 to your loving family and friends.

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