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December 17, 2013
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December 18, 2013


Nokia finally came with the biggest in their Nokia Lumia Series. The Nokia Lumia 1520 is the biggest phablet amongst all their devices. Bigger and better! It is the first Windows Phone device to feature a 6 inch full HD display and a quad-core processor. The device will compete against the premium category phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Xperia Z Ultra and HTC One Max. Targeted at the buyers who are ready to shelve out a higher amount from their wallets.



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With their Carl Zeiss optics and technology, Nokia Lumia devices boast of one of the best in-class cameras. Nokia Lumia 1520 doesn’t disappoint and the phone comes with a 20 MP camera with the Carl Zeiss optics. The phone comes with dual LED flash and supports full HD video recording.

There have been fans of the big screen since typing, web browsing and games are a lot more comfortable on a bigger screen. Critics will argue that phones are meant for single-hand usability but Nokia’s first ever phablet will surely not disappoint you.

An interesting feature that Nokia focused on is the multi-directional microphones in the Lumia 1520, which automatically focus on the subject of any video that you may be recording. This helps do away with surrounding noise, to a large extent. The audible difference is massive, but it is a pity that you need to hook up the phone to a proper speaker setup to enjoy and cannot really do with the speaker on the device.





The phone comes with regular connectivity options and in India, Nokia Lumia 1520 will come in a plethora of colors like White, Red, Black and Yellow. Isn’t it perfect for Christmas. So, fingers crossed, will the festive season and new year bring good news for Nokia’s new launch. We certainly hope so.


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