Latest and Sweetest News on Android Kitkat 4.4

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October 18, 2013
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October 21, 2013

Latest Android Kitkat 4.4 is launching on 28th of October, year 2013. Google is bringing in the next version of its new mobile OS which has a sweetest name KitKat. Android is an operating system which powers in 1 billion smartphones and tablets.


We all knows chocolate is so tempting, so decided to name the next version of Android is our favourite chocolate KitKat®! These devices make our lives so sweet, that’s why Android version is coming with sweet names in the market now like Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Cupcake, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean 4.1. This new release is sweeter, KitKat® is giving great chance to win a Nexus 7. Check this branded KitKat® bars features in Android robot on your near mobile stores. It is revised colour scheme, improved notifications and other general UI enhancements.

Google LG Nexus 5 has been doing rounds in leaks since sometime and looks like the phone and the KitKat software has been leaked in a video on YouTube. Android 4.4 will only improved on Nexus devices you can say advance version of Nexus and it will get into the hands of Samsung, LG and Sony, and looks very different .

Google announced Android KitKat recently and with the announcement comes that it will launch on 28th of October in the new Nexus model. Google LG Nexus 5 has been doing rounds in leaks since sometime and Google is clearly aware of this and has recently made it easier to report malicious downloads on iPhone when it comes to keeping things locked down. Time will tell, but just thinking about it is making us hungry. And the Nexus 5 is also coming soon in the market. It’s our goal with Android KitKat to make an amazing Android experience available for everybody.

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