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Camera Block is a mobile application that allows you to render inoperative and block your mobile device camera. This Apps temporary turns off and block all camera resources (hardware and software) and immobilize permission to camera to other apps and whole android system. By doing so all extra applications installed in your device won’t have admittance to it. This is simple and easy to use idea will facilitate protect privacy especially in these days, when there is more and more ways to assault your device and your solitude.

camera block


The camera block can be used to demonstrate cut scenes when triggered. To setup a camera block, right click on it with the cursor. From there, you can even put in checkpoints for the camera to attach a label to along using the camera add command. To eradicate a checkpoint, purely right click it and choose “Delete Camera Point.” From here Cameras can be set to quadratic interruption from the player to the first checkpoint, right away viewing the first checkpoint, or linear interpolation from the player to the first checkpoint. Each checkpoint can then be set quadrille, linearly, or not to interpolate the next checkpoint.


  •  It helps to Protect privacy from spying through phone camera
  • It helps us to Block and disable phone camera by single click
  • It has Multiple camera support (Front, Back, …)
  • It even  Shows list of apps with camera permission (Shows security threats, spyware, malware threats)
  • It has been designed in a  Simple and clear design with 2 templates and multiple icon sets
  • It Uses home screen widget for quick access.
  • It can See all taken pictures (Prepared feature (November 2013)).

Basically your android phone have 15-30 applications that’s been installed with a camera acquiescence and can be anytime misused to watch you and spy on you. Each of these 15 – 30 apps can seize picture or recording video any moment they wish for. Most of these apps have internet permission and can shuffle pictures and videos to the world. And here one plus point is that a number of security agencies are watching you. Though This Application was launched on September 19, 2013 as reaction on privacy issues of last months. Application is distributed in 2 versions. Free version is limited – the camera can’t be disabled between 18:00 – 22:00.

Camera blog has been introduced in 2 versions:              

  • PRO protection is working 24h/7 (This free version is turned off between 20:00 – 22:00 hour)
  • PRO version has no ads.
  • But here it is preferable to buy PRO version due to its privacy security

However Camera Block basically supports widest range of android SDK and phone versions with lowest battery consumption even Less than 0.1% of battery consumption on android 4.0+ and 2% on previous android versions And it can be used for many security or privacy threats especially Camera spyware, malware. Get this app directly from Google Play.



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