Sony’s BRAVIA Smart Stick failed to be the Chrome cast competitor

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September 21, 2013
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Sony stimulated up some enthusiasm only just whilst their new-fangled streaming dongle landing at the FCC. Whereas not an entire assortment was recognized, the instant response was that it might be a Chrome cast competitor. Currently that Sony has declared their latest gadget; the veracity of the state of affairs is much different than estimated.


As it dubbed the BRAVIA Smart Stick, Sony’s innovative streaming dongle is all set to toil with Sony smart TV sets, and linked Google TV functionality with Sony’s individual smart TV features. Rather than switch linking the two, users will currently be proficient to see Google TV and Sony’s BRAVIA apps in single menu. The dongle also features a pass-through, so users won’t even boast to switch inputs to outlook live TV.

Here upside is that the amalgamation of BRAVIA and Google TV brings functionality to the board that, independently, they may perhaps not include. For illustration, Google TV doesn’t encompass HULU Plus, while BRAVIA doesn’t encompass the Play Store. Compiling them mutually on single menu is an additional bonus, and easier to bring into play than switching inputs and remotes. And the downside is that the BRAVIA Smart Stick only facilitates with Sony TVs. whereas Sony has more or less 11% of the Smart TV market, a proprietary dongle in a dilapidated sector won’t do them any nepotism. For what it is, the $150 price label on the BRAVIA Smart Stick is also in reality precipitous. The $35 Chrome cast has a world-class up their sheathing in by means of your smartphone or tablet to be in command of the action when casting from a supported app. The remote for the BRAVIA Smart Stick is the similar one Sony is using for their NSZ-GS7 set-top box, and was far and wide panned as being exaggeratedly multifaceted.

If you have a Sony Smart TV, furnish this with a fleeting look. If you’re component of the other 90% of the market, the Play Store at a halt has the Chrome cast for trade.

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