Arrival of Angry Birds Star Wars 2

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September 19, 2013
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As been expected, Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is at present accessible through the Play Store. Rovio’s most recent title takes us reverse to the Star Wars world, at this instance focusing on the events and characters from Star Wars Episodes I, II and III.


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Despite the fact that on the whole gameplay technicalities are largely identical as Angry Birds Star Wars and its games– the major alteration is that you can now join to connect to the ‘Pork Side’. This illustrates that for the initial time outside of Bad Piggies; you can engage in recreation as a pig and go after the Angry Birds as an alternative.

An additional major variation between the innovative games is the introduction of TELEPOD collectibles with the intention of ‘uploading’ into Angry Birds Star Wars 2, right away giving you right of entry to more than a few unique bird and pig characters based on the Star Wars prequel movies. Here it’s been asked Are TELEPODs the merely the means to unlock the 30+ playable characters in AB Star Wars II? No, there will be further ways to find out lots of characters, and there will also be in-app purchases that can auxiliary unlock some of this content. At a standstill, the collectibles are almost certainly the quickest means to achieve admittance to your most wanted characters, and it appears that this is the only means to achieve “unrestrained use” of some of the special characters.

If you judge yourself a Star Wars and/or Angry Birds admirer, you’re going to crave to pick this one up. Although it valor not be as exhilarating or even addicting as the first AB Star Wars game, it’s still a realistically fun ride and at jst $.99 for the ad-free version, the asking worth isn’t too dreadful either. For those looking to get a hold in on the action for free, there is also an ad-supported version that won’t rate you a dime.

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