Wireless Charging Kit for Samsung Galaxy S 4 : Quick review

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July 5, 2013
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July 5, 2013




Samsung’s official Galaxy S III wireless charging kit was declared together with that 2012 leading, but it did not appear on the market until long after – and many areas are still patiently waiting to get their arms on it. This year, Samsung seems to be dedicated to preventing a identical scenario with the new Galaxy S 4: the company has just sent us a example Galaxy S4 wireless charging kit for evaluation, and we’ve invested a several days getting to know it.




To get set up basically use your current micro-USB wire to connect into the Charging Pad and substitute your battery door with the OEM Charging cover.  Place your Samsung Galaxy S4 on the wireless charging kit when you’re prepared to power-up, and you’re all set! There is a marked circle on the Charging Pad to indicate where for positioning. The charging signal mild at the top of the Pad will let you know when your system has been completely charged.



Because the Galaxy S 4 does not deliver with wireless charging capability out of the box, the kit is made up of two components: the charging base itself, and the unique battery door that allows that performance. This is a strategy we’ve seen before with many wireless charging products, so this is no shock.



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